Epidemic Simulation

Illustration of the exponential spread of viruses

Social Distance



Sick with COVID-19, I grew bored in Virginia Tech's quarantine dorm. Like anyone would do, I decided to model how the disease was spreading among the students.

After just a few seconds of letting the simulation run, already a nice bell curve begins to take shape, demonstrating the exponential behavior of a disease like COVID-19. Click the "Reset Simulation" button then try slowing the spread by making the students social distance. The sooner social distance is implemented, the slower the rate of transmission. Click the labels at the top of the graph to see a different perspective of the spread.

Note that if R0 is less than 1, the disease will not spread and will eventually die out. If R0 is 1, the disease will remain stable in the community but will not cause an epidemic. If R0 is greater than 1, the disease will spread and may cause an epidemic.

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