Ethan Kies

Software developer & UX enthusiast



Virtual reality application for medical trainees to perform "stop the bleed" in stressful scenarios for my capstone project. I built the website in React.

Blacksburg Racks

An interactive web platform to locate bike racks in Blacksburg. Designed to assist cyclists in finding secure places to park their bikes.

Petri Particles

An exploration into the emergence of complexity. This project showcases the interactions and behaviors of particles with simple rules.

Artist Portfolio

A sleek portfolio site for an artist, developed with React. Prioritized responsiveness and SEO for mobile TikTok users.

Epidemic Simulation

A simulation illustrating the propagation of viruses within communities. Helps to visualize the impact of various factors on epidemic spread.

Thin Lens Graphs

A visualization tool for understanding thin lens equations to aid engineers in grasping optical principles during Vehicle Turntable testing.